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CancerRadar – accurate and sensitive detection and localization of cancer


Early cancer detection by cell-free DNA (cfDNA) faces multiple challenges: the low fraction of tumor DNA in cfDNA, the molecular heterogeneity of cancer, and sample sizes that are too small to reflect the diverse patient population. We have developed an integrated cancer detection system that addresses all three challenges. It consists of (1) a cost-effective experimental assay, cfMethyl-Seq, for genome-wide methylation profiling of cfDNA, which provides >12-fold enrichment over Whole Genome Bisulfite Sequencing in CpG islands; and (2) a computational platform to extract multiple types of methylation information from cfMethyl-Seq data and diagnose the patient.

Applying our system to 408 colon, liver, lung, and stomach cancer patients and controls, at the specificity of 97.9% we achieve a sensitivity of 85.9% in detecting all-stage cancer and a sensitivity of 81.4% in detecting early-stage (I and II) cancers, and an accuracy of 89.6% for locating the Tissue-Of-Origin (TOO) of all-stage cancer and of 84.4% for early-stage cancer.


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