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Biopharma Solutions

EarlyDx is proud to partner with Biopharma companies.

Biopharma Solutions

EarlyDx is proud to partner with Biopharma companies to support their efforts in discovering and developing innovative therapeutics for patients. Our leading non-invasive genomics technology platforms allow us to provide powerful solutions spanning biomarker discovery, translational research, and companion diagnostics (CDx) development.

  • Biomarker Discovery: By applying our cfSNV and cfMethyl-seq technologies, in combination with proprietary AI-based computational algorithms, we help Biopharma partners discover and validate blood-based genomic and epigenomic biomarkers for a wide range of diseases (such as cancers, aging, metabolic diseases, autoimmune diseases, imprinting diseases, and neurological diseases) and associated drug development programs.
  • Translational Research: We have developed a set of genomics and bioinformatics tools that can help accelerate the translational research from bench to bedside. These tools include comprehensive profiling of methylome and genomic alterations, assessments of tumor mutation burden (TMB), microsatellite instability (MSI), and minimal residual disease (MRD), HLA-typing, and neoantigen identification, etc. They enable our Biopharma partners to more easily characterize diseases, assess therapeutic target engagement, stratify patients for clinical trial enrollment, monitor drug efficacy and safety, and develop personalized treatments.
  • CDx Development: Leveraging our broad network and partnership with top research institutions and hospital systems, as well as our ongoing efforts and ever-increasing experience in clinical development and regulatory submission, we can be your trusted partner to quickly turn existing or newly discovered biomarkers into companion diagnostic assays, expediting your drug development, regulatory, and commercial strategies.

If you are interested in using our biopharma solutions to accelerate your research and clinical development, please contact us via [email protected].