Senior / Research Associate – Assay Development

EarlyDiagnostics Inc. (EarlyDx) is a seed-stage UCLA spinoff devoted to providing accurate, affordable, and non-invasive liquid biopsy products for early cancer diagnosis and precision medicine. EarlyDx’s CancerLocator/CancerDetector algorithms, in combination our technology to enrich informative cfDNA, can not only detect cancer at its early stages but also pinpoint its location from a tube of blood.

EarlyDx is seeking a Senior/Research Associate for assay development and reagent manufacturing. He/she will work under the guidance of Senior Scientists to develop, optimize, validate assay for cfDNA-based early cancer detection test. The ideal candidate should be familiar with next-generation sequencing and its application to liquid biopsy.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Process and isolate nucleic acid from biological samples (e.g., peripheral blood, tissue specimens).
  • Build next-generation sequencing libraries.
  • Perform assay optimization, analytical and clinical validation.
  • Work closely with bioinformaticians to interpret sequencing data.
  • Prepare and maintain documents such as SOP, user manual, product data sheet.


  • B.S. or above in molecular biology, biochemistry, or related fields and 3+ years industrial experience.
  • Familiar with next-generation sequencing library preparation
  • Experience in assay development, troubleshooting, optimization, and validation.
  • Basic understanding of computational analysis
  • The ability of quick learning and trouble-shooting.
  • Excellent organizational skills.

To apply for this position, the candidate can send resume to: [email protected]