Xianghong Jasmine Zhou

Professor of Pathology and Bioinformatics
University of California, Los Angeles

Contact PI, NIH-funded UCLA Center for the Early Detection of Liver Cancer (2018-2023)
Contact PI, NIH-funded for Knowledgebase and coordination center on Disease Mechanisms (2010-2016)
Head, Computational Biology Division at University of Southern California (2015-2016)
Recipient of NSF CAREER Award and Sloan Fellowship

Wing Hung Wong

Stephen R. Pierce Family Goldman Sachs Professor in Science and Human Health
Professor in Statistics and Biomedical Data Science
Stanford University

Member of the National Academy of Science (USA)
Former Chairman of the Statistics Department at Stanford University (2009-2013)
COPSS Presidents’ Award in Statistics
Co-founder of Bina Technologies (acquired by Roche in 2014)

Wenyuan Li

Adjunct Associate Professor
Pathology and Laboratory Medicine
University of California, Los Angeles

Seventeen years of experiences in bioinformatics, machine learning and artificial intelligence
Investigators of multiple NIH-funded grants of liquid biopsy